Dream x100 server opening - May 21 at 20:00
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Stable servers - We are not a one-night stand! The best implementation of Mu Online Season 6 - Episode 3.

Advertising campaign after the start of the server does not allow online to drop to a critical minimum.

Professional Technical Support from the Administration with over 8 years of experience!

Play your favorite game and earn
real money - $1000 for capturing the castle!

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Server Info

Exp Exp x100
Master Exp x10
Exp Max Reset 50
Points Per Reset 500 / 600
Max Stats 32 767
Exp Drop x50
Exp Zen x100
Exp Chaos Machine Success Rate 60%
Exp Jewel of Soul Success Rate 60%
Exp Jewel of Life Success Rate 70%
Exp Jewel of Harmony Success Rate 70%
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Why you should play Mudream | Innovations

Mudream.online is a classic old school MMORPG that brings together all the best mechanics based on the memories and comments of a whole generation of the iconic Mu Online.

New locations!

There are 3 new locations on the server - light, normal and heavy. They are well balanced with each other. The introduction of farming zones ensures moderately fast character development, competition for spots, fun and everything that we love so much in our beloved Mu Online!

New Unique Sets!

There are new sets and weapons on our server. Armor choice is a vital aspect of any MMO, and MuOnline is no exception. Here are some of the best options you can choose from.

Excellent options changed!

Additional options for wrapping items. Changed Excellent options on all things.

Master Skill Three!

Power up your character with the new master system: invest a limited amount of points and power up your character's base stats.

New unique 4 wings!

There are new fourth wings on our server. Wings in MuOnline are an indispensable item. The territory of the game world itself is very extensive, so it is better to move around it with the help of any devices. A wonderful solution is to turn your character into a winged creature.

New unique bosses!

There are many raid bosses in Mu Online that are scattered throughout the game world and are killed by groups of people. Among them, several unique bosses stand out, called "Epics" (epic).

Client optimization!

Better optimization of the Season 6 Episode 3 client, the maximum fps can reach 32. Nice colors will not let your eyes get tired quickly. HD models, anti-aliasing via Opengl32, the ability to turn off the effects of things, skills, wings, and even change the screen resolution right in the game itself using the Option menu.

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